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THE SERVICE is a small heating and air conditioning services company that doesn’t do everything but only that which is extremely important for you as a homeowner. When I think of what the home has become in the last three decades as a contractor and a personal home dweller, a few critical issues always raise their ugly head from time to time. When we not only eat and sleep, and then work in this castle almost 24/7, we have to first consider the quality of the air we breathe. That’s pivot point number one! The second imperative thought is, how clean is that spacious attic that graces the above ceiling over us rate when it comes to toxic or contaminate debris? Next is how costly and how pure is that cool air that’s pumped through those vents of ours to keep our plush lifestyle without sweat or toil? Lastly, and maybe not so common to us surf rats her in sunny So Cali, how effective is that furnace which produces heat when we’re shivering to the bone? There are tons of cold shouldered, huge corporate companies that do, so called Air Conditioning 365/24/7 for a measly buck, while The Service is just a phone call away. I’ve been there, I am there and will be in the future, so let me, as the owner of The Service, take the sting out of not knowing what you’re getting into before you regret. I won’t play the mystery card or deal from the bottom of the deck, what you see is what you’ll get. I’ll provide quality, be efficient and transparent in everything I do.    

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