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Air Conditioning for the home is so current and necessary, no matter where you live. The Service has a few ways to address the issue of keeping the homestead cool and not having to sell the farm to get it. There are a lot of air conditioners on the market and The Service offers just a few that we deem the best pick of the litter, so to speak. They all do about the same while some are more efficient, quieter and sleek looking, not that they’ll be traipsing down the red carpet anytime soon. The imperative for a great set up is first your condenser. Making sure it’s not over or undersized and also, it should have a high SEER rating, at least around 15. The duct system should be designed for proper airflow and at least clean or brand new. The thermostat should be smart phone user type, and have all the bells and whistles you need.


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