Indoor Air Quality

Clean Air, Clear Mind!


Indoor Air Quality is what keeps us all on the planet and not falling off into some ravine, if you know what I’m saying? It’s not a taboo phrase any longer, yet one that we all come face to face, or dare I say, “nose to nose.” Whatever is in the air, that’s in our home, is five times stronger than what we breathe outside. Indoor air quality is starts with filtration as a must. The MERV number on your filter should be 8-12, the higher number would equate to its ability to catch pollutants and air-born bacteria. I do have a slew of filtering options depending on your health issues if necessary. Cleaning and disinfecting your attic would be next on the agenda to avoid any residual contaminates leaking into your living space. A thorough cleaning of your ducts would also be a major step in the right direction. Next would be a regular yearly maintenance on your furnace and AC condenser to ensure they’re clean and working efficiently. Lastly, house cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning on a semi regular basis would enhance the indoor air quality of your home.


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