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the-attic-doctors-orange-countyThe Attic Doctors started years ago while I was a General Contractor and a C-20 Air Conditioner Contractor working with six Home Depots in the L. A. area. I was always trying to curb and control climate temperatures and mend toxic or contaminates found in the attic areas in the homes I was working on. Heat load factors in these attics would always be a constant issue that comes with older construction. You can’t look away or dismiss the evidence, bleak, as it may seem. So this quest to “be the best” is why The Attic Doctors are here to make your house safer, more cost efficient and hopefully “greener.” There are six specific areas I believe that need to be addressed along with a couple creative add-ons that will rejuvenate your cool homestead. My knowledge, years of experience and constant passion to perfect that which lacks is why I created The Attic Doctors!

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